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General Bio[]

Alias: Dr. Otto Octavius

Designation: Artificially Enhanced

Powers: Genius-level intellect, super-strong and durable mechanical tentacles

Team: The Sinister Six, Masters of Evil

This Incarnation: Classic

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #3

The son of an overbearing mother and a bullying father, Otto Octavius grew up to become a reclusive but brilliant atomic researcher. To help manipulate radioactive substances from a safe distance, Otto constructed a chest harness controlling four mechanical, tentacle-like arms - earning him the nickname Doctor Octopus. In a freak laboratory accident, volatile liquids exploded - bombarding the scientist with radiation. The substances left him capable of mentally controlling the arms, but the accident also caused irreversible brain damage - transforming the respected scientist into a megalomaniacal superhuman criminal. Waking in a hospital, Otto knew this newfound strength - combined with his awesome intellect - could render him supremely powerful. Holding the medical staff hostage, he easily defeated Spider-Man in their first encounter. Doc Ock then took control of a leading nuclear research facility and again squared off with the wall-crawler, who this time defeated him with one punch to the jaw. After many more encounters with the web-slinger, Octavius is now one of his most vicious villains, and has teamed up with several of Spider-Man's other enemies in the Sinister Six.



Alias: No difference from above

Powers: No difference from above

Played by: Alfred Molina

Appearances: Spider-Man 2

A genius in the field of physics, Otto Octavius had the perfect life before the accident. A loving wife and just a few steps away from an unlimited source of energy. Idolized by Peter Parker, Octavius created mechanical arms to help him manage his fusion reactor aided by an inhibitor chip. After a horrible accident, which both kills his wife and destroys the inhibitor chip, he goes insane. Lacking the funds to rebuild, Doc Ock begins robbing banks to rebuild his fusion reactor. As the artificial intelligence in the arms takes more control, Doc Ock slips further into madness. Unable to get the tritium needed for the reactor, he makes a deal with Harry Osborn: Spider-Man in exchange for the tritium. After attacking a subway, Doc Ock manages to kidnap Spider-Man and exchange him for the tritium. Octavius faces Peter for one last time, but in the end, he sacrifices himself in order to stop a reactor that he created from going off.

Superhero Squad[]

Doc Ock currently has appeared in the Superhero Squad line four times:


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