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General Bio[]

Alias: Elektra Natchios

Designation: Conditioned

Powers: At the very peak of human conditioning, Elektra is a master of all martial arts and a low level telepath

Team: none

This Incarnation: Classic

First Appearance: Daredevil #168

Elektra’s past is shrouded in mystery and controversy. She is the daughter of a Greek Ambassador/Politician/Underground operative. Due to conflicting memories, she has a close relationship with her father tainted by doubt. Under the urging of her brother, Elektra’s father hired the world’s best fighters to train her at an early age. Her father's assassination, however, left her emotionally shattered, and she withdrew from the world. Her choice led her to Japan, where she attempted to penetrate the secret fraternity of martial artists known as the Chaste. She was also trained by Stick but he could not purge the darkness in her. She later infiltrated the group known as The Hand, but she was tricked into killing the sensei. Next, she found herself in New York employed by the Kingpin as an assassin, forcing her to clash with her lover Daredevil multiple times. In an attempt to prove himself to the Kingpin, Bullseye killed her but she was later resurrected by Stick. She is considered the most lethal female alive.

Superhero Squad[]

Elektra currently has appeared in the Superhero Squad line two times: