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Marvel Super Hero Squad is an action figure line marketed by Hasbro beginning in 2006. The line features 2-inch (51 mm) scale replicas of comic book heroes from the Marvel Comics universe. Each figure is portrayed in a cartoonish style, complete with grins that come through even on some vdesigned for younger collectors, but has become a hit with kids and adults despite the "for ages 3 and up" category status. Marketed initially as four two-packs per wave, Super Hero Squad has branched out to include larger multi-packs, vehicles, playsets, and mega-packs containing larger characters in scale with the 2-inch line. The Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Wolverine characters are the most popular in the series.

An animated series, The Super Hero Squad Show, based off the toy line premiered in the United States on Cartoon Network in September 2009.


Marvel Super Hero Squad 2-Packs[]

The main line began in late 2006 with two waves of 2-packs. The first four waves seemed as if each one had a different theme but this thought was expelled by Wave 5. Beginning with Wave 6 and all subsequent waves, essentially all characters were paired with a high A-List character/variation of a high A-List character (Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man) or a lower A-List character (Human Torch, Thing, Cyclops and Punisher). In terms of packaging, the first five waves used simple white packaging with a large Marvel logo behind the characters with pictures of all 2-packs in that wave and well as the previous wave on the back. From Wave 6 to Wave 12, the packaging was changed to a blue package with Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Hulk on the top with the phrase How Super Is Your Squad?. The back of the packaging changed to give the 2-pack's characters large cartoon drawings with short descriptions of the characters as well as pictures of the other 2-packs found in that wave at the bottom. From Wave 13 to Wave 16, a slight change to the packaging replaced Hulk with Wolverine. Starting with Wave 17, the How Super Is Your Squad? was replaced with the phrase Hero Up to reflect that the main line looks to be taking more of its material from the show beginning in that wave.

Wave 1 - December 2006[]

Wave 2 - December 2006[]

Wave 3 - April 2007[]

Wave 4 - July 2007[]

Wave 5 - November 2007[]

The first four 2-packs listed here were originally supposed to be wave 5, while the second four 2-packs listed here were originally supposed to be wave 6. All eight 2-packs were released simultaneously and Hasbro decided to clump them all together as one large wave 5, all following waves are numbered accordingly.

Wave 6 - April 2008[]

Wave 7 - May 2008[]

Wave 8 - June 2008[]

Wave 9 - November 2008[]

Wave 10 - December 2008[]

This wave is the first, and so far only, wave to include a variant on a 2-pack. While it seems as if both the Nick Fury pack and the SHIELD Agent pack were distributed evenly, at some points both packs looked to be the variant, so it is unknown which, if either one, was intended to be the variation of the pack.

Wave 11 - December 2008[]

Wave 12 - January 2009[]

Wave 13 - March 2009[]

Wave 14 - June 2009[]

Wave 15 - August 2009[]

Wave 16 - September 2009[]

Wave 17 - December 2009[]

Wave 18 - January 2010[]

Wave 19 - July 2010[]

Wave 20 - August 2010[]

Wave 21 - March 2011[]

Wave 22 - June 2011[]

Marvel Super Hero Squad Mega Packs[]

The Mega Packs were created in order to make figures in a 6 inch scale to represent larger characters as opposed to the ones in the main line which are 2 inches. Each pack includes one large character as well as one regular sized A-list character (Wolverine, Human Torch, Beast, Iron Man and Cyclops). The line ran for three waves before apparently being cancelled according to Hasbro Q&As as well as the reuse of the Hulk, Mr. Fantastic and Wolverine from Wave 4 elsewhere in the line. The fifth wave was/is rumored but due to the cancellation of the previous wave, it's unknown if they were really to be released. Packaging was similar to the original main line's packaging in Wave 1 and Wave 2 and later switched to the blue packaging in Wave 3. It is unknown if packaging would have stayed the same for future waves.

Wave 1 - July 2007[]

Wave 2 - November 2007[]

Wave 3 - March 2008[]

Wave 4 - Presumably Cancelled[]

Wave 5 - Rumored/Presumably Cancelled[]

This wave never made it past the rumored stage as the previous wave was canceled before this one was even revealed as being released. Sandman and Wendigo were assumed to be the larger figures of this wave, but it will never be known for sure.

Marvel Super Hero Squad 4-Packs[]

The 4-packs were created to give collectors a themed pack with new versions of characters and occasionally a completely new character. The first two waves were released in the blue packaging without any problems. Problems with this section of the line began with wave 3, Hasbro said the packs were put on hold to accommodate the Iron Man and Wolverine 4-packs, but still no word on the wave has been released. However, the third wave was released in some places overseas, it just hasn't made its way to America yet, so the status of them are unknown. In addition, wave 4 has been found loose on eBay, while wave 5 has been found overseas at retail. To add to the confusion, the four unreleased waves were in Wal-Mart's computers system, then they were taken out, and then put back in, indicating Hasbro does have some plans to release them. This is supported by Hasbro's reveal of wave 6 at SDCC in 2009, but this can also be denied by several attempts by Hasbro to place these figures elsewhere. Hopefully, the status of everything will be revealed soon as the Wolverine 4-packs should be leaving the shelves soon.

Wave 1 - January 2008[]

Spider-Man (Comic costume, open left hand, right hand in fist)

Punisher (Green bazooka)

Ghost Rider (Transparent flames)

Elektra (White costume)

Wolverine (Brown costume, lunging)

Colossus (Arms in throwing position)

Emma Frost

Magneto (Standing, arms out)

Wave 2 - April 2008[]

Captain America (Shield on back, shiny)

Iron Spider-Man (Shiny)


Ms. Marvel

Logan (Black shirt)

Nightcrawler (Transparent lower body)

Gambit (Transparent card and staff)

Juggernaut (Battle damaged, charging)

Wave 3 - Release Date Currently Unknown[]

At the moment, these 4-Packs have been released overseas and their status is unknown in America. Hasbro Q&As indicated that they were waiting for the shelves to clear off before getting these to retail. Although Hasbro wanted to get them to retail, it seems as if they tried to place some of these figures elsewhere, including putting a repaint of the Spider-Man in this wave in the Spider-Man and Vulture 2-Pack, putting a repaint of the Falcon in this wave in Collector's Pack 3 and releasing a comic accurate Green Goblin in the Spider-Man and Green Goblin 2-Pack. The status of this wave is still currently unknown. Although in a December 2009 Q&A, Hasbro revealed that most of the figures from the unreleased 4-packs will be released as 2-Packs in 2010.

Captain America (Shield in hand, dark blue)


Winter Soldier


Spider-Man (Hanging from lamp post)

Mary Jane

Green Goblin (Comic costume)

Sandman (Standing, dark green shirt)

Wave 4 - Release Date Currently Unknown[]

This wave has been seen loose on eBay, but the status of this wave being released in America seems to be dependent of the status of the previous wave of 4-packs.

Hulk (Dark green)

Silver Surfer (Chrome)



Thing (Dark orange with black shorts)

Human Torch (Yellow)

Black Panther (Black)

Storm (Black and white)

Wave 5 - Release Date Currently Unknown[]

This wave of 4-packs has been spotted at retail overseas, but has yet to be released in America. The status of this wave seems to be dependent on the previous waves of 4-packs.

Iron Man (Red and yellow armor)

Mr. Fantastic (Stretched out, black gloves and boots)

Skrull Soldier (w/armor & gun)

Dr. Strange (Astral projection)

Hawkeye (Dark blue and purple)

Captain America (Shield in hand, navy)

Spider-Man (Bent over, shooting webs at ground)


Wave 6 - Release Date Currently Unknown[]

These 4-packs were revealed at SDCC 2009 and the new figures have been spotted on eBay. The status of this wave seems to be dependent on the previous waves of 4-packs.

Black Costume Spider-Man (Comic costume, arms extended)

Iron Man (Classic armor, standing)


Dr. Doom (Cartoon)

Wolverine (X-Force)

Cyclops (Blue Astonishing X-Men costume)



Super Hero Squad 5-Packs (Toys R Us Exclusives)[]

All five of these 5-pack are Toys R Us exclusives containing all repaints and repacks (although the Hulkbuster Sonic Tank wasn't a repaint from the Super Hero Squad line). The Sand Pit and The Brawl that Shook the World were used as tie-ins to the Spider-Man and Hulk lines, so in the future, more 5-packs may be released to coincide with other movie lines.

Marvel Super Hero Squad 5-Packs - March 2007[]

Wolverine (Yellow and blue costume)

Cyclops (Black and yellow costume)

Angel (Blue costume)

Colossus (Shiny)

Magneto (Gold base)

Captain America (Shield in hand)

Iron Man (Red and gold armor)

Thor (Black armor)

Hulk (Grey)


Spider-Man Super Hero Squad 5-Packs - November 2007/Re-Released March 2008[]

Due to poor sales in the Spider-Man line, this 5-pack was released in Wal-Marts then after a short time removed from Wal-Marts. It was then rereleased in Toys R Us in much greater quantities, it is unknown why this pack was released in Wal-Mart first as it was intended to be a Toys R Us exclusive from the beginning.

Spider-Man (Movie costume, jumping)

Chrome Spider-Man (Black costume, wallcrawling)

New Goblin (Glider)

Venom (Navy, red tongue)

Sandman (Phasing)

Hulk Super Hero Squad 5-Packs - May 2008[]

Hulk (Punching, brown pants)

Abomination (Movie, dark brown)

Hulkbuster Soldier (x2)

Hulkbuster Vehicle

Marvel Super Hero Squad Collector's Packs[]

The first collector's pack was released with only repaints, the second contained two new figures, while the third was used as a way to release previously unreleased figures. The first two followed an eight figure pack, while the third went in favor of a six figure pack in order to accommodate the mega sized Hulk figure. Although it is widely believed all three Collector's Packs are Toys R Us exclusives, the first Collector's pack was released to multiple retailers, only the second and third collector's packs are Toys R Us exclusives. At the moment, a collector's pack has been released every year, it is unknown if Hasbro intends to release a new collector's pack yearly.

Collector's Pack #1 - August 2007[]

Daredevil (Yellow costume)

Dark Phoenix

US Agent

War Machine (Flying)

Hulk (Dark green)

Human Torch (As Johnny Storm, flying)

Thing (White shoes)

Spider-Man (Comic costume, crouching)

Collector's Pack #2 (Toys R Us Exclusive) - October 2008[]

Professor X


Iceman (On ice slide, boots)

Wolverine (Brown costume, no brown on pants, hair on arms)

Juggernaut (Blue costume, charging)

Silver Surfer (Chrome)

Spider-Man (Squatting, webslinging with two hands)

Cyclops (Black Astonishing X-Men costume)

Collector's Pack #3 (Toys R Us Exclusive) - July 2009[]

Spider-Man (Comic costume, punching)

Iron Man (Classic armor, flying)

Mr. Fantastic (Stretched out, white gloves and boots)


Emma Frost (Diamond form)

Ultimate Hulk

Collector's Pack #4 (Toys R Us Exclusive) - October 2010[]

Iron Man (Cartoon armor, white eyes)


Thor (Classic costume, arms on side looking to right)

Loki (Gold and yellow)

Hulk (green skinned, punching with purple pants)

Frost Giant

Marvel Super Hero Squad 7-Packs[]

Wave 1 - March 2011[]


Ben Reilly

Iron Man (Golden Avenger Armor)

Hulk (green skinned, punching with purple pants)


Dr. Doom (Green eyes)


Captain America (Shield on back)

Wolverine (Yellow costume, arms to side)

Spider-Man (Black suit, standing, left hand tilted and webslinging, right hand open)

Crossbones (White eyes)

Leader (Orange and silver costume)

Red She-Hulk

Iron Man (Red and gold, punching)

Marvel Super Hero Squad Singles[]

The single packs are a way for collectors to get individual characters to fill in holes in their collections. The Easter Egg Packs were released in time with Easter in 2008, but have not become a yearly thing. The Marvel Single Packs were recently announced so when they are released is currently unknown. In addition, it seems as if that wave of singles is to be released to tie into the show so more waves of single packs may follow in the future.

Easter Egg Packs - February 2008[]

Single Packs - March 2010[]

Spider-Man Super Hero Squad 2-Packs[]

The Spider-Man line was created as a tie-in for the Spider-Man 3 movie. The first four waves were released successfully, but there were a few issues with the fifth wave. The Sandman and Venom 2-Pack and the Vulture and Spider-Man 2-Pack were released but in very little quantities. The Spider-Man and Kraven 2-Pack on the other hand wasn't released at all, and at the moment Hasbro has no plans of releasing it. In addition, a 5-Pack, The Sand Pit 5-Pack, was released as part of the line as well as it being a Toys R Us Exclusive. The line was only planned for five waves, so following the release of the fifth wave, the line ended and was merged into the main line's sixth wave. It is currently unknown if the line will be restarted with the release of the rebooted Spider-Man franchise.

Wave 1 - March 2007[]

Wave 2 - March 2007[]

Wave 3 - August 2007[]

Wave 4 - October 2007[]

Wave 5 - December 2007[]

Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Singles[]

Another way to collect individual figures, these singles were to be released just as other packs had. They were to be Big Lots and Dollar General exclusives, but for some reason they never even made it to the US and were only released in the UK. Chances are, Hasbro has no intention of releasing these in the US due to the ending of the Spider-Man line, but they may choose to anyway.

Singles - Unreleased in the US[]

Iron Man Super Hero Squad 4-Packs[]

The Iron Man line was created as a tie-in to the Iron Man movie. Three waves were released each consisting of two 4-packs which are all comic based except for the Iron Monger Attacks 4-Pack. The third wave was released to coincide with the DVD release of Iron Man and following the release of that wave, the line ended and merged with the main line's thirteenth wave. The line was restarted with the Iron Man 2 line in January 2010.

Wave 1 - March 2008[]

Iron Man (Classic armor, flying)

War Machine (Standing)

Titanium Man

Crimson Dynamo

Iron Man (Holding helmet)

Hulkbuster Iron Man

Silver Centurion Iron Man

Silver 1st Appearance Iron Man

Wave 2 - August 2008[]

Classic Armor Iron Man

Red and Yellow Armor War Machine

Desert Armor Iron Man

Crimson Dynamo

Gold 1st Appearance Armor Iron Man

Iron Spider-Man (Flat)

Ultimate War Machine

WW Hulkbuster Iron Man (Dark gray)

Wave 3 - October 2008[]

1st Appearance Iron Man (Movie)

Iron Monger (Movie Armor)

War Machine (Movie armor)

Iron Man (Movie armor)


Zhang Tong (Mandarin)

Stealth Armor Iron Man

Modern Armor Iron Man

Iron Man 2 Super Hero Squad 3-Packs[]

The Iron Man 2 line was created as a tie-in to the Iron Man 2 movie. As opposed to the Iron Man line, the Iron Man 2 line is going with 3-Packs instead of 4-Packs, most likely to save on costs. The first wave was found in stores in early 2010, unannounced by Hasbro, but later the first and second wave were shown at Toy Fair. Unknown to collectors, one of the 3-packs from the third wave was also shown at Toy Fair, as later revealed by a Entertainment Earth listing. The other half of the wave was revealed later.

Wave 1 - January 2010[]

Iron Man Mark I (Gold Armor)

Iron Man Mark II

Iron Man Mark III

Iron Man (Modern Armor, Red and Yellow)

War Machine (Movie Armor)

Iron Monger (Comic Armor)

Iron Man (Golden Avenger Armor)

Titanium Man

Crimson Dynamo (Classic Armor)

Wave 2 - March 2010[]

Iron Man Mark V

Ivan "Whiplash" Vanko

Armor Drone

Iron Man Mark VI

War Machine (Movie, flying)

Hammer Drone

Wave 3 - July 2010[]

Iron Man (Red and yellow armor, arms out, leaned back)

Hulkbuster Iron Man (Red and black armor)

Torpedo Armor Iron Man

Captain American (Throwing shield, shiny dark blue)

Iron Man (WW Hulkbuster, yellow with black eye holes)


Hulk Super Hero Squad 2-Packs[]

The Hulk line was created as a tie-in to the Incredible Hulk movie. The line saw the release of three waves of four 2-Packs, and subsequently ended after the release of the third wave. The line, although promotion for the movie, only had two movie related packs while the others included Hulk-related events such as World War Hulk and Planet Hulk or characters closely associated to the Hulk. A 5-Pack was also released as part of the Hulk line, The Brawl that Shook the World 5-Pack was a Toys R Us exclusive that included repaints of figures found in the line. After the line ended, it merged with the main line's fifteenth wave, and it is unknown if Hasbro has any intention of restarting the line if another Hulk movie is released.

Wave 1 - May 2008[]

Wave 2 - June 2008[]

Wave 3 - August 2008[]

Wolverine Super Hero Squad 4-Packs[]

The Wolverine line was created as a tie in to the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. In total, three waves were released, giving the line a total of eight 4-packs. The first wave consisted of five 4-packs, while there is only considered to be a second wave because the Doom of the Dark Beast 4-Pack was released a few weeks after the release of the first wave. The third wave was a release to tie in with the DVD's release, and it seems that the line is finished now that the third wave has been released. Despite being movie tie in figures, only two of the eight packs were movie related. The line never really merged into the main line because Wolverine still appeared in the main line while packs in this line were being released. It is currently unknown if the line will resume with the possible release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2.

Wave 1 - March 2009[]

Cable (Arm behind head)

Wolverine (X-Force)


Mr. Sinister


Sabretooth (Brown costume)

Deadpool (Holding two swords)

Phoenix (White)

Wolverine (Unmasked, angry)


Iceman (Iced over, standing)


Logan (Brown pants and shirt, bone claws on both hands)

Motorcycle (Black)

Victor Creed (Movie)

Deadpool (Movie)

Wolverine (Brown costume, fastball special)



Apocalyspe (Normal size)

Wave 2 - March 2009[]

Logan (White shirt)

Dark Beast


Motorcycle (blue)

Wave 3 - September 2009[]

Wolverine (Yellow costume, arms to body)

Cyclops (Blue and yellow costume, gold visor)

Jean Grey (Jim Lee costume)


Wolverine (Bone claws, lumberjack outfit)

Wolverine (Congo assault outfit)

Wolverine (Weapon X escape)

Wolverine (Movie X-Men uniform)

Avengers Super Hero Squad 3-Packs[]

Wave 1 - February 2011[]

Thor (Black armor)

Loki (Classic costume with shiny green)


Thor (New costume, blue thunder)

Hulk (Landing, purple pants)


Iron Man (Removable helmet)

War Machine (Green blasters and arc reactor)

Detroit Steel

Wave 2 - March 2011[]

Thor (Classic costume, arms at side)


Frost Giant (Son of Hulk repaint)

Captain America (Bucky Costume)

Hydra Soldier


Wave 3 - June 2011[]

Battle at the Red Skull's Lair

Captain America (Ultimate, light blue)


Red Skull (Holding transparent cube)

Super Hero Squad SDCC Exclusives[]

Super Hero Squad 2010 SDCC Exclusives - July 2010[]

Iron Man (Cartoon armor)

Dr. Doom (Cartoon, in robe)

Mayor of Superhero City

Super Hero Squad Vehicles[]

Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Vehicles - July 2007[]

Spider-Man (Movie costume, open right hand, left hand webslinging)

Spider-Man (Movie costume, open left hand, right hand webslinging)

Cruisers Wave 1 - March 2009[]

Spider-Man (Comic costume, right hand webslinging)

Thing (Dark orange, shorts)

Wolverine (Blue and yellow costume, shiny)

Captain America (Shield on back)

Cruisers Wave 2 - August 2009[]

Thor (Lord of Asguard armor)

Ultimate Captain America

Iron Man (Classic armor, standing)

Cyclops (Blue Astonishing X-Men costume)

Cruisers Wave 3 - March 2010[]

Wolverine (Yellow costume, arms to body)

Spider-Man (Comic costume, comic blue, open left hand, right hand in fist)

Cruisers Wave 4 - August 2010[]

Spider-Man (Comic blue, holding webshield)

Iron Man (Classic Ultimate armor)

Marvel Super Hero Squad Flying Vehicles - August 2010[]

Spider-Man (Comic blue, webslinging arms to front)

Iron Fist (Green and gold costume)

Iron Man (Cartoon armor)

Ultimate Nick Fury (Blue pants)

Super Hero Squad Playsets[]

Spider-Man Super Hero Squad Playsets - August 2007[]

Spider-Man (Movie costume, open left hand, right hand in fist)

Doc Ock (Movie costume, olive coat)

Hulk Super Hero Squad Playsets - August 2008[]

Spider-Man (Comic costume and comic blue, open right hand, left hand webslinging)

Hulk (Dark green, crouching)

Marvel Super Hero Squad 3-D Pop-Up Playsets Wave 1 - July 2009[]

Spider-Man (Movie costume, open right hand, webslinging left hand)

Iron Man (Red and yellow armor)

Wolverine (Fastball special)

Sabretooth (Brown costume)

Marvel Super Hero Squad 3-D Pop-Up Playsets Wave 2 - December 2009[]

Iron Man (Modern armor)

Dr. Doom (Cartoon)

Marvel Super Hero Squad 3-D Pop-Up Playsets Wave 3 - December 2010[]

Iron Man (Shiny armor, flying)

Silver Surfer (removable board)

Marvel Super Hero Squad Mega Vehicle Playsets Wave 1 - July 2009[]

Logan (Black shirt and yellow pants)


Marvel Super Hero Squad Mega Vehicle Playsets Wave 2 - August 2010[]

Iron Man (Cartoon, Lighter armor)

Marvel Super Hero Squad Game[]

Marvel Super Hero Squad Game - Release Date Currently Unknown[]